Cover for SAAB Genuine Roof Antenna / Roof Aerial

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Condition: New spare part

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Product Description

This is not an antenna or a dummy, but COVER for SAAB Genuine antenna!
Material of the cover is weatherproof plastic, not rubber.
Can be replaced only on the SAAB Genuine Antennas or Dummy Antennas (12801440; 12762122; 12762121). The old/cracked/bad rubber should be completely removed before mounting of the replacement cover. The new cover should be glued on the top of the old roof aerial internal core.
Proper instructions for replacement will come along with the Roof Aerial Plastic Cover.
Before installation procedure you need to get water/moisture proof silicone and the paper tape.

Suitable for use with the product codes: 12801440; 12762122; 12762121

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